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Ever look at your dog, like really really look at your dog?

Black Lab SadfaceYeah, it sounds so wonderful to be a dog–no work, no stress, no responsibilities…But if you take a deep gander into their furry souls, often times you’ll see a lot of boredom pent up in there. They can go stir-crazy too, ya know.

Insert “Homemade” busy bones!!!!

These are the easiest dog treats that will keep ’em occupied for a little while, or at least until you have a moment to get them out for some fresh air. You do walk them every day, right?

PB Bone 2All you need is a few 2″-4″ Beef Marrow Bones and some all-natural peanut butter.

Simply give your pups the bones to chew/slurp the marrow out of, then fill ’em up again and again with peanut butter for them to eat and repeat. I use peanut butter that is just peanuts. There is no need for added salts and oils, especially when my boys get high-quality salts and oils in their homemade dog food that I prepare for them. <-Post to come soon!

PB Bone 3I like to throw these into the freezer for a few hours so the peanut butter hardens,  making it extra challenging (i.e. time-consuming) for them to enjoy.

Bear Hike 10-16 008That’s better!


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Baked Oatmeal


Spring Flowers

Iced Coffee

Thanks to a Starbuck’s gift card from my Mom!

Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothies

*Notice the dog in the background. He is trying to get the camera-woman’s attention because…

A beautiful sunshine-y day awaits!

“Mom, will you please open my door and let me out on my deck?”

And yes, many things in this house are “his”.

Cinnamon Chex

Making Lab stationary

To sell for the Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue

I will be selling them on June 12th at the Emmaus Farmer’s Market!

Homemade Sushi

The chef in action

The fixin’sThe goods

With Srirachi-Mayo spicy sauce

And homemade wasabi!

Nutrition/Fitness Planning & Journaling

because “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

The men in my life

And Catching a few extra Zzzzz’s

Other (unpictured) obsessions:

coupons, Pandora, gratefulness, vanilla vodka & diet Coke, and yoga

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