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Ever look at your dog, like really really look at your dog?

Black Lab SadfaceYeah, it sounds so wonderful to be a dog–no work, no stress, no responsibilities…But if you take a deep gander into their furry souls, often times you’ll see a lot of boredom pent up in there. They can go stir-crazy too, ya know.

Insert “Homemade” busy bones!!!!

These are the easiest dog treats that will keep ’em occupied for a little while, or at least until you have a moment to get them out for some fresh air. You do walk them every day, right?

PB Bone 2All you need is a few 2″-4″ Beef Marrow Bones and some all-natural peanut butter.

Simply give your pups the bones to chew/slurp the marrow out of, then fill ’em up again and again with peanut butter for them to eat and repeat. I use peanut butter that is just peanuts. There is no need for added salts and oils, especially when my boys get high-quality salts and oils in their homemade dog food that I prepare for them. <-Post to come soon!

PB Bone 3I like to throw these into the freezer for a few hours so the peanut butter hardens,  making it extra challenging (i.e. time-consuming) for them to enjoy.

Bear Hike 10-16 008That’s better!


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Snowy Leap

I’m leaping right back into things for this new year, including making a reappearance to the land of blogging.

Bear Hike January '14Yes, leaping that is.

Bear Hike January '14 -2I certainly couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick-start the new year than with a heavy blanket of powdery snow to break free of the exercise rut that invariably sets in this time of year. Snow allows for a myriad of new activities to be re-introduced into the rotation. Move over running. See you later living room yoga. Hellooooooo snow hiking! (Snow shoes aren’t always necessary.)

Bear Hike January '14 -3When you live in this corner of the world snow only ever lasts a day or so before the temps spike and the rain falls, leaving a slushy or crusty mess in its wake. There’s no room for excuses to stay inside. You have to get right out there and make as many tracks as possible before it all melts away.

Bear Hike January '14 -4And that’s just what Evan and I did this weekend. We wasted no time at all after Friday’s big storm. Denali and King were wrangled up and we drove straightaway to the nearest hiking trails to let both pups off-leash to romp around to their hearts content.

Bear Hike January '14 -9How cute is this hiney!?

Bear Hike January '14 -8I’m pretty sure he just realized here that I took a shot of his backside. What a face!

Bear Hike January '14 -10“King, back up a little.”

Bear Hike January '14 -19“You’re in my space.”

Bear Hike January '14 -11“That’s better.”

Bear Hike January '14 -12“Sorry, I’m not sorry.”

Bear Hike January '14 -13Efficient glove removal + double leash action.

Bear Hike January '14 -14Reaching for the camera…

Bear Hike January '14 -7…’Cuz I prefer not to take selfies.

Bear Hike January '14 -15“Did someone say selfie!?!”

Bear Hike January '14 -18Denali’s face sums up how we all felt after our snow hike–perhaps a few icicles were hanging from our chins, but we couldn’t have felt more alive.

It’s truly remarkable how therapeutic a trudge through the woods can be. I find that once my heart rate elevates, so too does the quality of my thoughts. Tired and toxic brooding slowly slips away and is ever-so-subtly replaced with a climbing charge of positivity. My battery is replenished even quicker with the addition of beautiful weather and even more so with good company. This hike included all of these elements. 🙂

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Just a Walk

…because some days that’s all I’ve got in me. Just a walk. Nothing more, nothing less.

And there are two furry beings in my life who are just fine with that!

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Where on earth did today go?!

It was such a “lab”-solutely wonderful day.

My boys and I spent the morning taking care of business–i.e. me doing chores/dealing with things like this…

And them lounging around like so…

Then I headed on over to the Emmaus Farmer’s Market to help out in my first-ever Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue volunteering endeavor. We were selling dog toys and accessories to raise money for the organization. Some of the goods were even handmade by some of the volunteers, like this fleece tug toy.

Which I was pleasantly surprised at how well the braided, felt tug held up–be it in a Dog vs. Dog battle:

Or Women vs. Dog:

A live band at the market kept us entertained and the weather was unbelievably perfect. I’m definitely looking forward to this new volunteering venture of mine. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but finally followed through with when doing research on dog adoption in December.

To fill some of you in…Evan and I ended up “adopting” King, the almost 2-year-old black lab pictured above. He was a “breeder return” whose owner could no longer care for him due to the onset of health problems. He has proven to be an incredibly sweet boy and a great playmate and companion for Denali.

The only thing that would have made the whole situation just a bit more perfect was if we could have rescued from a shelter, which simply wasn’t in the cards for us. But I pledged to finally help out dogs in need and join a rescue organization.

If anyone is interested in learning more about the organization or adopting check out their website. Also, the Lehigh Valley region is in desperate need of volunteers. Any small time commitment would be tremendously helpful. For now, I’ve only committed to a couple of markets, as my body still requires more rest and recovery than I’d like it to, but even just this small effort has been extremely well received by senior volunteers desperate for helping hands.

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Yappy Birthday Bear

Last weekend Evan, Denali, and I attended a neighborhood dog’s birthday party! We had a blast.

My hair was just as unruly as a bunch of dogs let loose!

(And my camera was acting up and refusing to take non-blurry pictures.)

There was lots of “getting to know each other.”

Yummy food for humans AND dogs. These handmade dog biscuits looked good enough to eat.

There was a party game!

Owner’s walked their dogs to music and when the tunes stopped, the last dog without their hiney on a colored square was out.

Denali was one of the last standing and won a prize. What can I say? He was trained well.

And even the humans got a little silly and had fun.

Yappy Birthday Bear!

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