Snowy Leap

I’m leaping right back into things for this new year, including making a reappearance to the land of blogging.

Bear Hike January '14Yes, leaping that is.

Bear Hike January '14 -2I certainly couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick-start the new year than with a heavy blanket of powdery snow to break free of the exercise rut that invariably sets in this time of year. Snow allows for a myriad of new activities to be re-introduced into the rotation. Move over running. See you later living room yoga. Hellooooooo snow hiking! (Snow shoes aren’t always necessary.)

Bear Hike January '14 -3When you live in this corner of the world snow only ever lasts a day or so before the temps spike and the rain falls, leaving a slushy or crusty mess in its wake. There’s no room for excuses to stay inside. You have to get right out there and make as many tracks as possible before it all melts away.

Bear Hike January '14 -4And that’s just what Evan and I did this weekend. We wasted no time at all after Friday’s big storm. Denali and King were wrangled up and we drove straightaway to the nearest hiking trails to let both pups off-leash to romp around to their hearts content.

Bear Hike January '14 -9How cute is this hiney!?

Bear Hike January '14 -8I’m pretty sure he just realized here that I took a shot of his backside. What a face!

Bear Hike January '14 -10“King, back up a little.”

Bear Hike January '14 -19“You’re in my space.”

Bear Hike January '14 -11“That’s better.”

Bear Hike January '14 -12“Sorry, I’m not sorry.”

Bear Hike January '14 -13Efficient glove removal + double leash action.

Bear Hike January '14 -14Reaching for the camera…

Bear Hike January '14 -7…’Cuz I prefer not to take selfies.

Bear Hike January '14 -15“Did someone say selfie!?!”

Bear Hike January '14 -18Denali’s face sums up how we all felt after our snow hike–perhaps a few icicles were hanging from our chins, but we couldn’t have felt more alive.

It’s truly remarkable how therapeutic a trudge through the woods can be. I find that once my heart rate elevates, so too does the quality of my thoughts. Tired and toxic brooding slowly slips away and is ever-so-subtly replaced with a climbing charge of positivity. My battery is replenished even quicker with the addition of beautiful weather and even more so with good company. This hike included all of these elements. 🙂


One egg topped with melted rice shreds, over a bed of spinach and a gluten-free waffle.

Sage breakfast sausage on the side.

And a juicy grapefruit.


As many of you know over the weekend The Lehigh Valley, along with most of the East coast, was hit with a freakishly early snowstorm. Of course, most of us around here have been so disenchanted lately with the weatherman’s recent string of wolf cries that we were ill-prepared for the foot or so of snow that got dumped on Fall’s foliage.

The wet, heavy snow was no match for the leaved trees and a raining of limbs onto power lines ensued. The inevitable loss of power wacked my day-to-day routine way out of sorts with the inability to mindlessly waste away inordinate amounts of time browsing the internet. However, I found myself in a moment thinking how extremely grateful I am for knowing how to entertain myself whilst being “unplugged.” Despite the lure of whirring/flashing/stimulating “devices” I still own and often choose to enjoy simpler leisure activities that don’t require power cords, usb cables, batteries, remotes, and the constant nuisance of remembering to recharge said devices.

When the power went out I simply relocated myself to the family room in front of the only operating heat source and resumed reading my library book. Other activities included yoga, tidying/organizing, clipping coupons, perusing the newspaper, thumbing through magazines, and walking the dogs.

Although our little stroll through the neighborhood was not really a “walk,” but more like a “frolic.”

These pooches were overjoyed by the snows premature arrival as demonstrated by this stupidly giddy, temporarily crazed husky!

I also found myself extremely thankful for having a gas stove, matches, a french press, and a tea kettle–because one should never have to be without coffee…

French Pressed Pumpkin Pie

Or oats!

Apple Crisp Oats

To make one serving of crisp mix 1 Tbsp oat bran, 1 Tbsp ground flax, 1/4 Tbsp canola oil & 1/4 Tbsp (maple) agave nectar.

Having just gone without power and realizing how still-dependent I am on it I’m hoping to make some changes immediately in the wake. Reevaluating how I spend my time is certainly high on the list (perhaps less Facebook so to speak) and using “found” time for more important things like taking inventory of non-perishable foods, batteries, candles, matches…and better preparing myself for a future scenario. How has this past weekend’s storm affected you?



Credit: Ricky Linn

Yup. I’m still okay with my one cup a day in the AM. Preferably Hazelnut.

A little heroin-like pick-me-up never hurt anyone. Especially if it makes you feel happier and less drowsy. And it’s cheaper than therapy!

13,104 a year!

Sunday’s are for sorting pills for the upcoming week.

36 Pills a day.

252 Pills a week.

1,095 Pills a month.

13,104 Pills a year!

*Plus a B12 shot every other day.

And to think…I used to have trouble simply taking one meager multi-vitamin a day.

Weekend Nightlife

Hang on! I don’t think you’re ready for this kind of excitement.

Here’s an inside look at the weekend nightlife of a 24-year-old sick girl.

Definitely not very glamorous.

Mentally, I want more. Emotionally, I want more. Physically, this is it.

I’ll be honest, it’s taking just about everything I’ve got right now to procure enjoyment from the solitude rather than succumb to the isolation and loneliness.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my “me” time, but I’m so. over. it. now.

Fortunately, I finally picked up a book that could capture my attention in said state–Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks. This book was an all-consuming, quick and easy read. I could not put it down.

And a wee bit of bedside yoga to keep me from feeling like a total sloth.

By far, the light is the most beautiful just after a Fall sunrise.

When the morning fog hasn’t quite lifted from its slumber and remains nestled between the hills.

And the mind is similarly in a state of groggy calmness.

All is quiet. All is still.

I think it might be possible…

That the purpose of Fall is to remind us to live in the moment. To be present. If we’re too busy dwelling on the passing of Summer and the imminent arrival of Winter, we’d completely miss out on the perfection that lies right in front of us–cool crisp days, deliciously chilly nights, and a landscape that’s slowly going up in a crackling of flames.

So crawl out of bed and find yourself a winding country road. You’re not gonna want to miss this.

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