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Rice and Bean Salad Over Spring Mix with ParsleyI get a kick out of people who say they simply don’t have time to eat healthy.

My lunch came together in minutes!!! I tossed some cannellini beans and a bit of brown rice I had in the fridge with a dollop each of vegan mayo and dijon mustard. I then placed it on a bed of greens, topped it with some fresh parsley, and sprinkled on some ground pepper.

The parsley stole the show! My, oh my, if only more people kept fresh herbs on hand and used them. I think we could change the world ūüėČ


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The answer is, yeah, probably!

Carcinogenic MilksWhy??

Because most milk-alternatives like those pictured above contain the¬† food additives carrageenan or “natural flavors”, and in some cases both.

A quick search on Wiki shows that carrageenan undoubtedly causes inflammation, a biological process activated by harmful stimuli in the body’s attempt to rid itself of the irritant. And simply put, chronic inflammation causes disease. So, no, drinking a bit of carrageenan-laden-hippy-milk won’t give you cancer, but the cumulative effect of ingesting products with food-additives day-in-and-day-out (which, yes, you probably do!) can. And in the interim you may develop early warning signs like a food allergy or asthmatic symptoms. Wiki addresses carrageenan’s safety as controversial, yet suggests it more than likely induces gastrointestinal issues and disease.

Understanding “natural flavors” is next to impossible and I can only safely conclude that they are chemically processed (which I read as junk or Frankenfood) and, to me, if an ingredient is that curiously vague we probably shouldn’t be consuming it.

Have no fear. There is an alternative to the alternative!!!

Make your own. My favorite is…

Hemp Milk 7Nut Free, Grain Free, Sugar Free, Vegan

This milk alternative is super easy to make, tastes great, and boasts around 7 grams of protein per cup!!! Hemp seed is low-carbohydrate and a complete protein with a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids making it promote brain and heart health, lower triglycerides, boost the immune system, and (unlike those aforementioned processed milk alternatives) reduces inflammation.

As long as you stock up on maple syrup and hulled hemp seeds you’ll never be out of milk for your cereal again. Unfortunately, this milk does not heat up well and shouldn’t be used in recipes like my homemade hot chocolate. It does seem to do okay in small quantities for baking and is great for things like smoothies and iced coffee!

Yield: About 3x 1 cup servings

*You’ll need a cheese cloth or Nut Milk Bag* <-I use this because it’s super easy to use and clean! I throw mine right in the wash on a cool delicate cycle.

  1. 3 cups water
  2. 1/2 cup hulled/shelled hemp seeds (I stock up on Nutiva Organic Shelled Hemp Seed*)
  3. 1 tablespoon maple syrup

Hemp Milk 2Simply throw all your ingredients into a high-powered blender. I use am obsessed with my Vitamix*and use it every s-i-n-g-l-e day!

Hemp Milk 3Whir it on high for about a minute-or so.

Hemp Milk 4Then strain into a pitcher with a nut milk bag or cheese cloth.

Hemp Milk 5Grab the milk bag with both hands and carefully squeeze out all the liquid. You’ll end up with hemp remnants that you can simply rinse down your garbage disposal or save to use for making dehydrated crackers or some other edible hippy thing. Eventually I’ll post something you can do with it <-Please hold me to this.

Refrigerate  in a sealed container and enjoy for up to a week.

Shake well before using!!

Let me know in the comments what you think of the hemp flavor. What recipes have you tried with it?? I’d love to know, especially with a picture or two.


*I, Laura Decker, am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com (i.e. so I don’t starve to death.) That being said, I do personally use and LOVE this product!!

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One egg topped with melted rice shreds, over a bed of spinach and a gluten-free waffle.

Sage breakfast sausage on the side.

And a juicy grapefruit.

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Oh, yes! This has to be the ultimate fuel…so good.

Start with these:

Although, for the record, Bob’s old-fashioned rolled oats are 1,000x better than the gluten free. Sad-face.

Then top with these + (unpictured) honey:

Plus Honey

And end up with super-creamy oats!

A nutritious breakfast? Yes, pah-leeez!

Although my morning oats were the highlight of my day, I do have a couple of honorable mentions.

Sweet Potato (gluten, dairy, soy, tomato-free) Pizza

Instructions: Preheat oven to 350. Furiously stab a smallish sweet potato all over with a fork and bake in the microwave for 4 minutes. Meanwhile, saute veggies of choice. I chose red onion, spinach, minced garlic and olives sauteed with low-sodium vegetable broth instead of oil. Smash cooked potato innards on an *Udi’s gluten-free frozen pizza crust. Top with *Daiya cheese, veggies, and spices like oregano. Bake for 9-10 minutes.

*Found in health food stores/Wegman’s “hippy-section”

Yeah, so I still have a lot of food restrictions!

But I’ve adapted…and I’m still fighting the good fight against Lyme disease


(Random run that turned into sa-weet 5k awesomeness!)

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Baked Oatmeal


Spring Flowers

Iced Coffee

Thanks to a Starbuck’s gift card from my Mom!

Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothies

*Notice the dog in the background. He is trying to get the camera-woman’s attention because…

A beautiful sunshine-y day awaits!

“Mom, will you please open my door and let me out on my deck?”

And yes, many things in this house are “his”.

Cinnamon Chex

Making Lab stationary

To sell for the Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue

I will be selling them on June 12th at the Emmaus Farmer’s Market!

Homemade Sushi

The chef in action

The fixin’sThe goods

With Srirachi-Mayo spicy sauce

And homemade wasabi!

Nutrition/Fitness Planning & Journaling

because “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

The men in my life

And Catching a few extra Zzzzz’s

Other (unpictured) obsessions:

coupons, Pandora, gratefulness, vanilla vodka & diet Coke, and yoga

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Roll With It

……… so it’s been an eternity since I’ve blogged.

I guess, to make a long story short, I’ve been on some sort of lyme disease-induced hiatus.

I still have a long way to go on my road to recovery, but I hope to at least start visiting this space here and there with a few anecdotes, recipes, and short musings to slowly start chiseling away at the HUGE barrier I’ve fortified in my mind–that whole “Where in the world do I start!?$%!??” monstrosity. Do I summarize what I’ve been doing for the last four months or so? Make an outline? Write a short story? Perhaps a novel? Hmmmm. Not feelin’ it.

How ’bout we talk about my dinner tonight instead. Meanwhile, you’ll eventually catch a glimpse or two of insight and get up to speed…perhaps…I think.

Feast your eyes on that! A homemade veggie sushi roll chock full of asparagus, spinach, cucumber and mushroom.

Normally I would much prefer my Japanese fare to include slick, cold, raw fish and mooshy, gooshy, fatty avocado, but my Lyme doctor has me on an ultra-low-fat, vegan, wheat-free, yeast-free diet in a last-ditch effort to expedite my unbearably slow recovery.

So tonight my husband and I rolled with it–literally!

We managed to cook up a rather disgraceful batch of (the wrong kind of) rice…

Sliced, diced, and “saute√©d” the veggies…

And sort-of managed to roll it all up in seaweed using a bamboo sushi mat.

Okay, so some were better looking than others.

But we simply doctored ’em up with a bit of seasoning and wasabi.

And ultimately, they were edible, pretty tasty, and doctor-approved. What more could you ask for?

Well, a recipe or instructions to share maybe, but I’ll get to that once we’ve mastered the technique.

It’s good to be back(-ish).

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The best oatmeal vessel e-v-e-r:

I hate to be a HLB copycat, but eating oatmeal from a nearly finished jar is sheer brilliance. I’d like to add that my obsession with oatmeal pre-dates my discovery of HLB’s. Just sayin’.




Okay, so I’m not completely done catching up. Tonight was spent entirely on filling out paperwork, copying, addressing, stamping, licking, sealing….blah, blah, blah…all in the name of changing my last name! Boy, is it a ton of work to get married! Divorce is out of the question; too much paperwork!

Anyways, before I crash, here are some “honorable mentions” from breakfast:

Asian pears are almost as dreamy as dark chocolate peanut butter. If you’ve never tried one you must run (fast!) to your local farmer’s market and buy as many as you can afford.

(By the way, purple nail polish is HOT.)

Another hot purple item: TAZO Earl Grey tea–my new favorite way to drink water. Also, a “must-try” for you.

And, yet another random tangent…this was extremely disappointing:

In its defense, dark chocolate peanut butter is a hard act to follow.

Oh, and while I’m on tangents, I want this!!:


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