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As many of you know over the weekend The Lehigh Valley, along with most of the East coast, was hit with a freakishly early snowstorm. Of course, most of us around here have been so disenchanted lately with the weatherman’s recent string of wolf cries that we were ill-prepared for the foot or so of snow that got dumped on Fall’s foliage.

The wet, heavy snow was no match for the leaved trees and a raining of limbs onto power lines ensued. The inevitable loss of power wacked my day-to-day routine way out of sorts with the inability to mindlessly waste away inordinate amounts of time browsing the internet. However, I found myself in a moment thinking how extremely grateful I am for knowing how to entertain myself whilst being “unplugged.” Despite the lure of whirring/flashing/stimulating “devices” I still own and often choose to enjoy simpler leisure activities that don’t require power cords, usb cables, batteries, remotes, and the constant nuisance of remembering to recharge said devices.

When the power went out I simply relocated myself to the family room in front of the only operating heat source and resumed reading my library book. Other activities included yoga, tidying/organizing, clipping coupons, perusing the newspaper, thumbing through magazines, and walking the dogs.

Although our little stroll through the neighborhood was not really a “walk,” but more like a “frolic.”

These pooches were overjoyed by the snows premature arrival as demonstrated by this stupidly giddy, temporarily crazed husky!

I also found myself extremely thankful for having a gas stove, matches, a french press, and a tea kettle–because one should never have to be without coffee…

French Pressed Pumpkin Pie

Or oats!

Apple Crisp Oats

To make one serving of crisp mix 1 Tbsp oat bran, 1 Tbsp ground flax, 1/4 Tbsp canola oil & 1/4 Tbsp (maple) agave nectar.

Having just gone without power and realizing how still-dependent I am on it I’m hoping to make some changes immediately in the wake. Reevaluating how I spend my time is certainly high on the list (perhaps less Facebook so to speak) and using “found” time for more important things like taking inventory of non-perishable foods, batteries, candles, matches…and better preparing myself for a future scenario. How has this past weekend’s storm affected you?


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