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Credit: Ricky Linn

Yup. I’m still okay with my one cup a day in the AM. Preferably Hazelnut.

A little heroin-like pick-me-up never hurt anyone. Especially if it makes you feel happier and less drowsy. And it’s cheaper than therapy!


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Sunday’s are for sorting pills for the upcoming week.

36 Pills a day.

252 Pills a week.

1,095 Pills a month.

13,104 Pills a year!

*Plus a B12 shot every other day.

And to think…I used to have trouble simply taking one meager multi-vitamin a day.

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Weekend Nightlife

Hang on! I don’t think you’re ready for this kind of excitement.

Here’s an inside look at the weekend nightlife of a 24-year-old sick girl.

Definitely not very glamorous.

Mentally, I want more. Emotionally, I want more. Physically, this is it.

I’ll be honest, it’s taking just about everything I’ve got right now to procure enjoyment from the solitude rather than succumb to the isolation and loneliness.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my “me” time, but I’m so. over. it. now.

Fortunately, I finally picked up a book that could capture my attention in said state–Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks. This book was an all-consuming, quick and easy read. I could not put it down.

And a wee bit of bedside yoga to keep me from feeling like a total sloth.

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By far, the light is the most beautiful just after a Fall sunrise.

When the morning fog hasn’t quite lifted from its slumber and remains nestled between the hills.

And the mind is similarly in a state of groggy calmness.

All is quiet. All is still.

I think it might be possible…

That the purpose of Fall is to remind us to live in the moment. To be present. If we’re too busy dwelling on the passing of Summer and the imminent arrival of Winter, we’d completely miss out on the perfection that lies right in front of us–cool crisp days, deliciously chilly nights, and a landscape that’s slowly going up in a crackling of flames.

So crawl out of bed and find yourself a winding country road. You’re not gonna want to miss this.

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Just a Walk

…because some days that’s all I’ve got in me. Just a walk. Nothing more, nothing less.

And there are two furry beings in my life who are just fine with that!

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The perfect backdrop for a Fall run:

Winding country roads that roll up and over apple orchard hills

with the faint, sweet smell of crisp apples in the air

and the sun hanging low, its rays barely kissing Earth’s bounty

diffusing long, lanky shadows that lounge across her curves

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I’ll be honest…and vague…life has been more than difficult lately. This is the underlying reason why I disappeared from blogging for so long.

One of the many reasons is I’m still very sick with Lyme.

What was “supposed to” be a temporary illness that wasn’t going to consume a great deal of time/energy/effort has become a new identity for me. One that, well over a year later, I’m just now beginning to come to terms with.

What was not “supposed to” consume a great deal of blog space has become a lifestyle–the content of my life and invariably the content of most blog-post material.

“But who wants to read about the humdrum of illness rather than the adrenaline infused happenings of riding and racing?” I thought.  **Cue blog-silence.

The irony finally hit me like a ton of bricks. Although I started this blog with the intention of documenting my riding and racing lifestyle, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease only a few posts in. Physically I’m able to ride very little and racing is out of the question. The content hasn’t ever been exactly what I’d originally envisioned it to be. Nothing ever really is, is it?

So, it’s finally time to break the silence and adapt. This is me giving you fair warning. From here on out, some posts may be written more for me as a therapeutic outlet rather than to enrapture my audience. If you happen across one of these kinds of posts in the future, just use your scrolly wheel with reckless abandon! I’ll never know 🙂

However, I do intend to keep this space as positive as possible. I’d prefer my healing story to be one that celebrates the simple joys that keep me going and speaks to strength, persistence, and perspective.

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