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Okay, so this is now very old news. However, I didn’t want this blogworthy milestone to go undocumented.

I managed a fourth place finish in B’s at Granogue for my first cyclocross race ever (several weeks ago now.)

Yay me!

Lately, I’ve been trying to fall into a winter training routine. I’m slowly making progress toward amping up my anaerobic activity. I have never stuck to any kind of weight training regimen before. Not only is it supposed to be great for lyme recovery, but I’m hoping it helps put me back on track to reaching my “race weight.” I am recommitting, redoubling my efforts, and reworking goals and expectations for these post-lyme winter months. A realistic, yet challenging game plan is in order.

Thus far I’m thinking:

Practice yoga 2x week

Weight train 3x week

High intensity interval training 1-2x week

Active rest day 1-2x week

Endurance 1x week

Tempo 2x week

As far as my diet goes, I’ve completely cut out alcohol and caffeine and have limited refined carbs and sugar to zilch/extreeeeemely minimal. This actually has nothing to do with racing or me being vain at the moment, although those always seem to be part of my reasoning, but I’m doing so also in a lyme-recovery/detox effort.

And I can’t leave out the bajillions of supplements I’m on…Vitamin B, Magnesium, CoQ10, Fish oils, Plant oils, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, SAMe, Probiotics, Alpha lipoic acid, and Multivitamins. I hate this more than anything!


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Yappy Birthday Bear

Last weekend Evan, Denali, and I attended a neighborhood dog’s birthday party! We had a blast.

My hair was just as unruly as a bunch of dogs let loose!

(And my camera was acting up and refusing to take non-blurry pictures.)

There was lots of “getting to know each other.”

Yummy food for humans AND dogs. These handmade dog biscuits looked good enough to eat.

There was a party game!

Owner’s walked their dogs to music and when the tunes stopped, the last dog without their hiney on a colored square was out.

Denali was one of the last standing and won a prize. What can I say? He was trained well.

And even the humans got a little silly and had fun.

Yappy Birthday Bear!

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White Clay

I heart new riding destinations. AND I heart beautiful 70 degree weather on the last day of October. You see, some people get there kicks out of dressing up in silly outfits, but I’d much prefer a four hour mountain bike ride followed by vegging out for the rest of the evening.

White Clay was awesome. Huge childish grins spread across our faces as we got to know this place– ripping through corners and tearing up the fast flow-y trails. It was nice to do without the teeth-chattering rocks we’re so used to around our neck of the woods.

These pictures don’t do the log bridges justice. They were super high off the ground and VERY intimidating. I knew I wouldn’t be committed enough to make it across without looking at the expanse below and allowing my front wheel to follow suit.

I’m also pretty in tune with my mortality these days…or just all too familiar with a hospital bed. Hopefully this will wear off soon!

I’m still riding this high from Sunday! Love it.

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