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Precious Life

Meet Maya!

Maya is my good friends’ Todd and Hallie’s beautiful, week-old baby girl. I’ve never been into babies, but Maya showed me what the fuss is all about. She is precious.

Congratulations T & H!


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Riding Aftermath

So, I’m sure you’ve all realized it has been a little while since I’ve joined you here. I have decided that in the interest of my sanity, and also to maintain blogging as a source of enjoyment, I will be posting 2 or 3 times a week. I’d like to iron out exactly which days and stick to them. For now, I’m still trying to deduce what works best for me.

Now, on to the good stuff.

Yes, that is a small piece of apple pie sitting pretty in my breakfast oats. I took this photo almost a week ago now and simply had to sneak it in to today’s post.

Today was a gorgeous fall day. More specifically, it was 70 degrees out (and yes, it is October 24th!) Since the mercury was much much higher than we’d anticipated, our little four-legged friends we’d invited to accompany us on our bike ride did not fair as well as we’d hoped.

Case in point–

Exhibit A: Denali

So dog-tired he has to lay down to drink from his water bowl.

Drooling is totally acceptable when you’re panting a mile a minute.

And so is sprawling out in the middle of a parking lot…

…with your tongue plastered to the dirty asphalt.

Exhibit B: Summit

Flailing wildly on his back. I’m not exactly sure how this was supposed to help him cool off.

I think these guys are more than ready for snow season.

And only one of these two might be ready, and it’s not me.

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Please excuse our hair. After rolling out of bed this morning Evan, Denali, and I set out into this beautiful, blustery fall day to hit some local hiking trails.

When we arrived at the trail head we noticed our good friend Todd’s car in the lot. About a mile or so into our excursion we caught a glimpse of him just ahead on some switchbacks. He happened to be barreling along in our direction.

Evan, Denali and I took advantage of a tree trunk with quite the girth and hid from view. As Todd approached we jumped out and startled him half-to-death. That’s what friends are for, right? According to Evan, his eyes bugged out. Yeah, we got him good!

Somehow I caught this shot of the aftermath.

After briefly catching up and promising to meet up in a couple of days we said our goodbyes and trudged on.

We breaked for photo-ops.

And watering holes.

Meanwhile, Denali set the pace (as he has an entire extra set of legs and was bred to run.)

And Evan followed (he’s got a good 9 or 10 inches on my height *read much longer legs/stride.)

And I took up the rear trying to keep up with my pace-setters, whilst getting a killer glute workout as I half ran up the inclines to keep up.

It is so nice to let the changing seasons guide you in switching up your workout routine. For me, I’ve been adapting to fewer miles in the saddle and more on foot. Not only is the change of pace nice, but I find more quality time is spent with my “family” while hiking, running, and some biking for leisure.

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Is this not the cutest window treatment you’ve ever seen?


Yeah, some days I draw for a living.

And once in a blue moon I get to design an adorable room for twin girls.

You’ll have to check back for the rest of the after shots. This room isn’t 100% installed yet.

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Into the darkness

For some, “Fall” invokes carved pumpkins, hayrides, apple cider, flaming foliage, silly costumes, crisp breezes…

For others, it means a return to headlamps and night riding.

At night, riding the same ol’ trails  feels fresh and new. And poking along feels f a s t. And an otherwise ordinary activity feels a.d.v.e.n.t.u.r.o.u.s.

The trees on either side of the trail are draped in darkness. They fleetingly whir by as, one after  another, obstacles make their way into your limited circle of vision designated by the glow of your lamp. The soundtrack: crunchy leaves meeting rubber tires and the chirping of crickets.

Welcome Fall.

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The best oatmeal vessel e-v-e-r:

I hate to be a HLB copycat, but eating oatmeal from a nearly finished jar is sheer brilliance. I’d like to add that my obsession with oatmeal pre-dates my discovery of HLB’s. Just sayin’.




Okay, so I’m not completely done catching up. Tonight was spent entirely on filling out paperwork, copying, addressing, stamping, licking, sealing….blah, blah, blah…all in the name of changing my last name! Boy, is it a ton of work to get married! Divorce is out of the question; too much paperwork!

Anyways, before I crash, here are some “honorable mentions” from breakfast:

Asian pears are almost as dreamy as dark chocolate peanut butter. If you’ve never tried one you must run (fast!) to your local farmer’s market and buy as many as you can afford.

(By the way, purple nail polish is HOT.)

Another hot purple item: TAZO Earl Grey tea–my new favorite way to drink water. Also, a “must-try” for you.

And, yet another random tangent…this was extremely disappointing:

In its defense, dark chocolate peanut butter is a hard act to follow.

Oh, and while I’m on tangents, I want this!!:


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No, Evan and I didn’t go on a honeymoon…but as soon as the time and funds become available we plan on going someplace exotic! Meanwhile, I’ve been busy catching up on life, in general. Planning a wedding, being extremely sick, then actually getting married, and now dealing with the aftermath of it all is seriously time consuming. I’ve been playing catch-up in all areas of my life. Instead of boring you with all the details, today I will leave you with this…

That is homemade black bean hummus accompanying my salad for lunch. Instead of spending $6 on a similar hummus at the farmers’ market after falling in love with a sample last weekend, I decided to make my own. The recipe I found online was good, but didn’t hold a candle to what I sampled. I plan on tweaking it a bit and sharing once I’ve perfected the recipe.

P.S. it feels so darn good to attack the piles of clutter and cross tasks off my to-do list!!! Now I can get back to the good stuff, like blogging.

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